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Special signs

It is very close to the Aleppo pine Pinus halepensis Mill., inhabiting Middle-earth from Algeria to Asia Minor, but differs from it in semi-erect cones and a flat shield of fruiting scales; there are fewer cones in the whorl, the needles are shorter.

Botanical description

The trunk is straight or curved, 12-15 m tall, with brown or light gray bark, not exfoliating, the crown is wide at the top; leaves are hard, green, 6-9 cm long; scales of male flowers are roundish, with teeth along the edges, cones on legs, single or paired, occasionally 3-4, ovate-conical; about 6 cm long on average, light red-brown; their scales are irregularly rhombic, glossy, smooth, scutes depressed, whitish-gray; seeds blackish, 6-7 mm long., with reddish-brown wing, 18-28 mm long.

Eldar pine

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