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Mighty evergreen tree, in nature reaching 20-30 (up to 45) m. The plant's range includes the Crimea, the Caucasus and Asia Minor. Mediterranean dominant species. Lives 500-600 years.

Characteristics and features of the plant
- The needles are dark green, very dense and prickly, somewhat curved, 8-14 cm long.
- Unpretentious, drought-resistant plant, tolerates urban conditions well.
- In the middle part of Russia, the height of the tree is 15-20m
- Grows rapidly, annual growth can be 50-60 cm per year.
- The crown is wide pyramidal, in older trees it is flat, umbrella-shaped.
- Prefers calcareous soils, but also grows well in crushed stone and sandy soils.
- It is photophilous and grows well in open sunny places, when shading it is oppressed and affected by pests.

- When landing, it is necessary to allocate enough space for her to develop.
- Standard regular watering
- Fertilization as needed
- Well transfers a hairstyle and formation, creation of a garden bonsai is possible.

Great as the main figure in the composition. Single landings. creation of groups, arrays.

Crimean pine or Pallas pine (pinus Pallasiana)

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