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 The almond bush is quite high, 3-8 m, with a branched crown. The blossoming almond is a beautiful sight, sung by more than one poet. Flowers of white-pink color completely cover the plant. They have the shape of a cup in a pinkish corolla. The leaves are oblong, lanceolate, appear after flowering, after 2-3 weeks.
     The fruit is a drupe covered with hairs, cracking after ripening. Inside the bone, where there are edible one or two seeds. The almond seed may have a smooth or wrinkled surface. Bitter and sweet almonds are most easily distinguished by taste rather than morphological features.
     Fragile (thin-walled) almond got its name because of a very thin brittle bone that does not contain holes and warts, easily breaks when touched. The seed is sweet.

Cultivars almond - Amygdalus

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